Top Things that you need to Know before Planning a Visit to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is fast becoming one of the top holiday destinations in Asia, and there are numerous reasons why it should be on your list of travels in the coming months. While there are many misconceptions surrounding this beautiful country, it is important to know some cool facts about Sri Lanka before you travel.

It is Uncrowded, At least for Now

Unlike other tropical destinations, Sri Lankan beaches are pure and untouched. Even though there are many beaches that host parties and are relatively crowded, but you won’t find crowds as you would at the Pattaya or Patong beach. Since the tourism rate is expected to increase in the coming years, it is best to make use of this time and plan your trip to Sri Lanka today.

Sri Lanka offers Endless Photography Shots

Sri Lanka is a dream come true for avid photographers, and one can find many opportunities to get beautiful shots of landscape and the people here. It is recommended to carry extra SD cards for your camera or upgrade your cloud storage if you do not want to miss out any opportunity. Beware of stilt fishermen who can charge you money for a picture opportunity.

You need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka

Most tourists will need to have a tourist visa if they want to go to Sri Lanka. Residents of countries like Singapore, Maldives, and Seychelles, do not need one. Tourist visa can be easily applied for online at that offers detailed steps to apply for one. It is best to apply at least a week before your travel dates, but the approval usually takes anything between 24-48 hours.

You can find an endless number of hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka, and you can pick one depending on your preference and your budget.