Top 10 Prague Stag Activities that You Will Definitely Remember

Hello, best man, and welcome to the article that will put you at ease.

Let me make an educated guess.

You’re searching for stag do destinations and decided to choose Prague. But you simply don’t know what Prague is offering you. So, you clicked on this article in order to see what’s good in Prague for you, the groom and the boys.

Am I closer?

If not, then you, dear reader, have an amazing taste in articles, nonetheless.

Even if you’re not the best man or related to a groom about to get married, maybe you’re interested in what Prague has to offer. And that’s what you’re going to find out about in this article.

Why did you choose Prague for the stag do?

This is an important question.

You see, Prague is for a reason among your choices. It’s a Czech city, that’s clear. The Czech Republic is amazingly beautiful, and clearly visiting Prague, its capital, is one of the best choices you could have made.

But why did you choose it specifically for the celebration of the last bachelor day/weekend of your best friend.

If you don’t have the answer to this, then check out the next section.

10 activities you should definitely try during your Prague stag do

Here you will find ten popular choices with the bachelors and their groups over the years. One secret, though, for organizing a stag weekend in Prague is to book a professional company that will make sure that you’ll get everything you’re going to need for a small budget.

Yes, it’s cheaper to book a company for organizing your Prague stag do than going there with the groom and the group of party boys and start jumping from pub to pub, and doing different activities.

Ok, let’s see what are some of the most brilliant and fun activities you will enjoy during your stag weekend in Prague:

  1. Beer Bike – it’s moving forward while you pedal and drink beer. Simple. Fun. Your own BarMobile
  2. Car Destroying – sum up the groom’s fears for his married life and shatter them with a sledgehammer, by destroying a real car to bits
  3. Real Gun Shooting – ever held a real gun in your hand? It’s now or never!
  4. Paintball and Airsoft – once you’re familiarised with the real guns, go and practice on your friends with paint guns and airsoft guns, during a fun deathmatch
  5. Karting – boasting about your driving skills? Now’s the time to prove who’s the real master behind the wheel
  6. White Water Rafting – experience an adrenaline flow while trying to tame the wild waters and to keep the raft going forward
  7. Tank Driving – you don’t have the opportunity of actually driving a tank too often. And no, it’s not an SUV. It’s a real tank.
  8. Nightlife crawl – what’s a stag party without proper nightlife. Let me tell you: nothing. Go for the whole 9 yards with strip clubbing, dance clubbing, drinking in bars and pubs and sampling everything Prague has best to offer
  9. Stag Pranks – if you don’t tease the stag with some good ol’ fashion pranks, you’re not his best friends. Get creative and find ways to put your shenanigans into practice
  10. Casino Nights – feeling lucky? Don’t end the night right after you had a little fun. Go for some blackjack, poker or craps in a fancy Prague casino

Not enough?

Don’t worry, these are but 10 things that you might enjoy during a stag weekend in Prague.

If you visit the Eventhuse website, you will find at least 10-20 more activities that will transform the stag do experience in the most awesome time you’ve spent with one another.