restuarant sinclair

Start the Day Right with Breakfast at Restaurant Sinclair

Whether or not you agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is hard to deny that it may be the most sumptuous.  Take the breakfast menu at the Restaurant Sinclair, for example.  While this fascinating and fantastic boutique kitchen changes most of its menus seasonally, the breakfast fare is pretty consistent, offering your favorite American, Canadian, and International morning dishes every single day of the year.restuarant sinclair


For a simple start to the day, consider one of the following:

    • Continental—a basket of pastries and muffins, sliced fruits and Quebec cheese, yogurt and cereals with juice, coffee, or tea
    • Canadian—a pair of eggs (cooked to order, of course) with bacon, ham, smoked sausage, roasted potatoes, and toast, served with beverage of your choice
    • Health—lighter and better for you, this features a plate of fresh, sliced fruit, cottage cheese, poached eggs, and beverage of your choice


For something a little more special, try one of these dishes:

    • Fresh daily fruit cup with plain yogurt, granola, and local organic honey
    • Eggs Benedict, featuring smoked ham on a toasted English muffin with a side of roasted potatoes and a “Mornay” sauce
    • An Omega-3 omelet, served any style, with roasted potatoes and a toasted baguette
    • Brioche French Toast served with a maple-infused whipped cream and custard
    • The Restaurant Sinclair version of bagel & lox—a smoked salmon and bagel chip Napoleon with sour cream, dill, and Spanish capers
    • Sinclair thin pancakes—house crepes, basically—with fresh, sliced bananas, and melted Nutella hot chocolate
    • Tartine “Alla Toscano” featuring 2 eggs served sunny side up with Tuscan style bread, tomato jam, prosciutto chips, and topped with shredded basil leaves


Even the best dishes don’t always give you everything you want. As such, here are a few extra breakfast essentials:

    • Montreal toasted bagel with cream cheese
    • plain yogurt or cottage cheese trifle
    • toasted French baguette with butter and jam
    • basket of European danishes/pastries
    • choice of cereal
    • an oatmeal cup served with hot milk
    • seasonal fruit salad