Marmaris Quad Safari Tour

Marmaris Quad Safari is just another tour for daring at heart. It’s a lot of fun and laugh, exciting, marshy, wet, dusty and entertaining. You will be thrilled! This is an unforgettable highlight of your holiday in Marmaris.

This task continues 4 hours in total. There are 4 different sessions during the day, our service is getting you from your resort. You’ll be picked up from your location. About 20 minute drive, outside Marmaris, we organize Quad Safari. The place that we organize Marmaris Quad Safari is surrounded by forest and the trails, roads that are small and a runway among the trees is an ideal set up for quad safari.

First you’ll have a little briefing on directions and safety issues. Subsequently all the bikers line up in a convoy leaded by expert guides. You may have about 30 minutes free time to get used to your bike, encounter a little bit and get a good feel of it before you take off for the actual action.

OK… Now you are just a little comfortable with you bike and have mastered the controls. The actual challenge begins now! You are being awaited by a more challenging, rough, uneven, challenging! You will ride along the small hills, through the water streams splashing against everyone else and yourself. Remember the Mud along with the Dust! You will likely be covered in Mud is a time that is limited.

Here it is possible to take which continues to be allocated for and your car or truck. First part 45 minutes, non-stop action.

Then 10 mins relax and break! Later, taking you on a track that is specific. It is possible to pass all of those steps.

Vehicles are; Single person or double individuals can join (different fees for single and double). Our security measures taken totally private track and in our farm, you will discover everything which you may want. (cafeteria, supermarkets, shower rooms, lockers, changing rooms, children’s playground, etc.).

The complete actual riding time is about 2 full hours. From picking you up from your resort and returning back to Resort total time is about 3-4 hours.

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