List of Unique Business Hotel in Jakarta

While you want to travel to Jakarta for several days, you should prepare the budgeting well. It is because you have to book the hotel or such as home stay for you to sleep at night. There are thousands of hotels that you can pick based on what you want. If you want to have perfect night with the unforgettable experience, you can choose the unique business hotel in Jakarta that will accompany your travelling perfectly. If you have no problems with budgeting, the unique hotel will be your best choices to completing your traveling in Jakarta well.

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If you really want to stay in Jakarta in the unique hotel one, you should find further information about the best unique business hotel in Jakarta that you can choose based on what you like. There are some unique hotels that you can consider:

  1. If you love art very much, you can try to consider the ARTotelThamrin. From the outside look of this hotel is serving you the perfect art hotel design that will make you feel so amaze in looking to the hotel. Can you imagine how artistic this hotel is? Well, stop imagining it and go for real of it. The concept of this hotel will give you a unique art design, style, and concept on each floor of this hotel. While you walk in, you will see the perfect artistic artworks that are presented in unexpected and creative ways. You will find the art design on the walls on each room which also is equipped with Delco Gusto machine in every room that can make you able to make your own coffee with your own art style.

This hotel provides you the dining restaurants with local flavors and combines it with contemporary style of ROCA or Restaurant of Contemporary Art, as well as the BART or Rooftop Bar which is opened until 1 a.m.  You also can rent the purple bicycles to explore around hotel and you can ride it during the car free day in every Sunday morning. Sometimes, this hotel offers you the art classes that you can follow to release your stress from your busy week. Thus, you can go travel with art experience from this hotel.

  1. If you want to stay in the middle ground hotel with the part of Starwood hotels but you also want to get the unique touches on it, you can go booking room in The Hermitage hotel. This hotel is using the Colonial theme with the serene atmosphere which can make you feel so comfort and enjoy this theme peace. You also can get easily in accessing this hotel because it is closed with Cikini Railway Station, and if you want to buy the unique goods, you can go to Antique Market in Jalan Surabaya.

Those are the best unique business hotel in Jakarta that you can choose. If you want to see more artistic design, you can go to ARTotelThamrin, but if you want to get colonial with classic design on it, you can choose The Hermitage hotel.