Five Ways to Save Money on Car Hires

Whether you’re in Australia for business or on holiday, it will be easier to visit the sites by hiring a vehicle while you’re there. While there are good public transportation systems in and around the major cities, if you want to venture further out, you may find it difficult to travel without a vehicle. If you do rent a car, here are five tips to help you save money.

Make Reservations Online

Instead of reserving a car through a travel agent, you should make a reservation yourself by going online. A travel agent gets paid a commission by the rental agency through which the car is booked, so an agent may try to talk you into a hiring a larger and more expensive vehicle than you need. By making your own reservation, you can compare the types of vehicles available and their rates to select one within your travel budget.

Book for Multiple Days

Most rental agencies offer daily, weekend, and weekly rates for their vehicles so you should be able to find rental terms to match your needs. If you’re going to be in Australia for several days, consider booking a vehicle for multiple days to get the best rate possible. You may be able to find cheap Australian car rentals by checking for online specials on the dates that you’re travelling.

Check Reward Programs

Many airlines and credit card companies offer reward programs for frequent fliers or people who use their credit cards to make purchases when they go shopping. Some of these programs allow you to use the money or points you’ve accumulated on car rentals or hotel reservations instead of air travel. If you participate in a rewards program, check the program’s details for discounted rates for hiring a vehicle while you’re on holiday.


Check Business Perks

Many companies offer perks programs to their employees to save money on travel, apparel, sports events, or movie tickets for themselves and their families. The programs usually offer discounts from large retailers, airlines, and hotel chains, and some also include major rental car agencies. Check to see if your company offers a perks program and if car rental agencies participate in it and, if so, join so you can get discounts whenever you need them.

Look for Hidden Costs

When you pick up your hired vehicle, carefully read the contract including the fine print before you sign it. Some companies charge hidden or extra fees that you should be aware of before you accept the keys to your rental vehicle. You may be charged extra fees for bringing the car back without the fuel tank full, for being late when returning your rental, or for cleaning charges if the company thinks the car is dirty.

If you read all the information on a rental website when you’re making reservations, then you should be aware of all the fees and rental requirements before picking the car up. With these tips, you can save money on a car hire and enjoy the extra savings during your holiday.