Explore Indonesia Flores, the Volcanoes Island

Located in East Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia, the Flores Island is a fascinating and extravagant area which offers a large number of floras and faunas diversity. This Indonesia Flores is situated in volcanic zone which across from one island to another. This island has 14 numbers of active volcanoes which stretch to the length of 450 km. This fact is only a little reason why people like to have trip in this island. Flores becomes the right place where people can escape from the busy city to enjoy their vacation while having great views and watching traditional culture. It offers the boasting lush forest, white sand beach, diverse cultures, and incredible wildlife. Flores has anything that you want to explore in such a lonely island. It pleases the tourists with so many kinds of things to be explored. This island deserves more than just a little spot of Indonesia itinerary, but there are many things that you can do there.

There are so many things that you can see in this island. You will be able to find the Indonesia Flores landscape views when visiting this island, for example:

  • Lake Kelimutu. It is located in between Nusa Tenggara Island and Bali. Come there and you will find spectacular landscape views of the three lakes in it. The nature really made this become a great view ever that you can feel amazed. Kelimutu has the meaning of boiling lake which is named by the local people there. It is believed as a resting place for departed souls. This lake has the unique look since it has three lakes which are the colors are different one to another even though the area is side by side. The colors of three lakes can change in any time unpredictably. Sometimes, you will find the black, green, and blue lakes. In other times, it turns into blue, red, and white. Once a traveler said that he saw one of them has a color of dark brown like a chocolate. It is an extravagant and amazing view to be seen, right?
  • Wae Rebo. Trekking to Wae Rebo can be one of the great plans ever when visiting Flores. While many visitors come to the traditional Manggarai place, Wae Rebo village has its own adventure journey to come there. To get the access of Wae Rebo village, you only have to trek for about 10 km through the lush rainforests on the steep mountains, then past swimming holes, and past waterfalls. It is really challenging but you will preciously get the spectacular views after it to see the best traditional village in Flores where you can see the traditional dance, music, and food.

Indonesia Flores attractions can break your boredom out and turn it into an exquisite feeling ever. Once you get there with your families or relatives, you will find how the world surely gives human a great natural beauty. The landscape views in this Flores Island ensure you to find your peace after having a long busy weekday and it will be the best vacation that you have ever felt.