5 Places to Go for the Best Ocean Views in Destin, FL

There’s nothing like enjoying a relaxing day at the beach. The truth is that the beach is therapeutic and there’s no other place where you can enjoy nature and recharge. Sure, there’s the sand and sun, but the ocean is beautiful and a visual treat.

Many places in the U.S. offer ocean views, but Destin has ocean views that are fun to see and experience. Discover five things you can do in Destin and get an exquisite ocean view.

Beach Walk Café at Henderson Park Inn

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If you want a unique dining experience with your toes in the sand, this is the café for you. Private VIP dining packages include a romantic dinner right on the beach. You can indulge in some popular dishes like eggplant medallions with crabmeat and the house spicy smoked tomato soup with lump crabmeat. Not only do you get a beautiful ocean view at Beach Walk Cafe at Henderson Park Inn, but you also get great food.

Make sure you make a reservation first.

Back Porch

If you desire a casual dining atmosphere with a serious ocean view, then this is your scene. Nautical lanterns and painted fish accent the interior walls for a sea life experience. Even more spectacular is that the establishment sits right on the beach and during dining hours, the windows are open. You’ll feel the gulf breezes and witness the crashing of the sea on the shore.

Enjoy entrees like golden fried oysters and blackjack tuna and shrimp salad.

Destin Yoga

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Relaxation is your vacation theme, so yoga fits perfectly. And you can even do yoga with an ocean view. Enjoy yoga and Pilates done right on the white sand beach. The kiddos are welcome, so you and your family will experience fitness right near the water.

Shores at Crystal Beach

Of course, you can’t forget the beaches. Nestled against the Gulf of Mexico you’ll find Shores at Crystal Beach. People who’ve visited this spot rate it five out of five stars primarily for its white sand and clear water. With amenities like picnic tables, you can take the family and enjoy a beautiful day out.

Beach Helicopter Tour

If you’re impressed with the ocean view, then wait until you see if from the sky. Take a helicopter tour of Emerald Beach. Not only will you witness the beautiful blue waters, but you’ll get to see some sea life.

There are so many attractions, beaches, and restaurants that offer you an ocean view worth sharing with your friends. But let’s not forget about hotels that offer ocean views. What could be more ideal than seeing the ocean right from your balcony? Click here to check out the hotel options in Destin that offer ocean views.

The ocean is mysterious and multifaceted, but it infuses tranquility and peace. It’s incredibly calming, and the ocean induces a meditative state that gives our brains a rest. The next time you’re in Destin, visit these places to witness the most unforgettable views of the ocean.